About Me

Graduate of  University of Cape Town -- Social Anthropology and English
Nursing  Diploma - General and Psychiatric
Bowen Therapy Practitioner -- 20 years
Senior Bowen Tutor  with Bowtech -- 20 years
Diploma in Vibrational Medicine 
Australian Bush Flower Essence Consultant
Health Kinesiology

oldpain2go - releasing old chronic pain

I have been involved in Holistic Health and Healing for over 20 years and at present have a full time practise in Southbourne, Bournemouth, UK. If you cannot reach me in person, I offer
 Skype sessions.

I practise and teach Bowen Therapy ,Healing and Intuitive Development in the UK, South Africa, France, Europe and Dubai (UAE)

My Bowen journey started in 1994 when I attended one of the first ever 4 day seminars with Ossie and Elaine Rentsch when they first came over from Australia.  I found it such a profound experience that I have been working with it ever since and use it as my main therapy.
It is fantastic for pain relief, re-aligning the body as well as releasing  emotional blocks.

 In 1997 Ossie Rentsch invited me to teach and become a Bowen instructor.

This has enabled me to travel widely to Europe, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, UAE and throughout Britain teaching the Bowen Technique and my other 'Energy' based workshops.   

My interest is in Energy Medicine and the spiritual connection to life. I feel the two go hand in hand and have found over the years that the more we develop, heal ourselves and open to the joy of life, the more we are able to help transform people's lives.  
I teach Bowen therapy in a relaxed and friendly way and am passionate about sharing my years of expertise so that you can be the best Bowen practitoner that you can be

 Due to many years of experience in my Bowen clinic, I feel able to offer students much guidance as to their clinical situation and clients' conditions.

I offer Readings for guidance, identifying blocks and personal development.
Other workshops in Bournemouth based on meditation, chakra clearing, intuitive development, opening up, clearing old issues and gaining wisdom from the universe and nature, are available throughout the year.
Please contact me if interested and look at the 'Workshop' page.
If you would like to experience a treatment please email, Facebook or phone to make an appointment. Thank you.