Aura Readings



An Aura Reading is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. It is simply a lovely way of finding out what the colours are in your aura field (the aura surrounding your body) and what they represent for you individually at this moment in time and beyond. We are all surrounded by our own aura energetic field. It is part of what is called the subtle bodies and part of the Aryvedic chakra system. We are not just a body. There is so much more information around and within us that we can tap into and help us on other levels. 

Auragraphs or Aura Readings (modern term) were first created by the medium Harold Sharp who used the term Auragraph to describe what he saw around the human aura.’

I had an auragraph done about 25 years ago and it made a huge impression on me. My overiding colour was to do with 'fear' and when I saw that I realised that it was so true but I was in denial. It upset me to see it and so I decided to take action. I did some inner work and when I had another auragraph 6 months later and that 'fear' colour was tiny compared to the original size. It had such an impact on me, that we can change ourselves and see proof of that change. 

I have always loved colours of every description. I find they awaken and brighten our lives. Eventually over the years with my healing work, I found that the colours 'spoke' to me and gave me insights about people and their lives, sometimes practical things and other times on a soul level. 

I am able to tune into a person at a distance with their name and date of birth and then I choose the colours, put them abstractly onto an A4 piece of paper and then explore what they mean for you and your life. I am NOT an artist. I put the colours down in an abstract almost childlike way and often they come out as symbols. It is more about you seeing all your aura colours than a piece of art. The colours are invaluable in letting you see your strengths and weaknesses and above all your potential in this lifetime. I am also able to give you information about future colours about to come into your auric field and what that means for the time ahead. It is invaluable for guidance and it explains why you feel the way you do and what you can do about it.

This is not computer generated and is all done by hand and my intuition and can take at least 2 hours.

The value of an aura analysis and diagram is that it reflects the person's inner being and higher self in terms of energies and is represented in visual form. This reflection can activate the persons psyche and can help to understand blocks and obstacles and the path of the inner self

By looking at the diagram of your auric colours and listening to the information, a person is then able to see where the blocks are in their energy field and pattern and then take necessary steps to start healing the imbalance. 

What I love about the Aura reading and colour representation is that they give hope and upliftment, not just in the messages but in the colours. And one can put the sheet of colours in a place where you look at it often and access the 'energy' 

An Aura reading is often very positive in the information relayed to the person and this is because we all have POTENTIAL in this lifetime but we are not always using it or being it.

After I have finished, I take a photo of the drawing and email or send via whats app and I record the 'reading' on my phone and send via whats app or email. 

Like any 'reading', one can order another auragraph months later as in 6 months or less. If something has changed in your life or you have shifted in some way or worked on personal development, then the colours will change quickly. They are always fluctuating according to our moods, actions and thoughts. If you are happy with your auragraph, then there is the option of having another one done whenever you feel the need or you feel something has changed in your life. 

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