Bowen Energetics

Over the years I have created my own type of Intuitive therapy using Bowen to relax the body first. It is unique in its essence. Every client may experience something different. I tune into you, see with my inner vision and then using various energetic tools as well as my own tried and tested Bowen moves, I help to clear negativity from your body and aura and infuse you with the  correct vibration and Bowen moves. This then flows around your aura and body. I may use flower essences, my natural healing, sound and aura sprays to help balance you back to wholeness.

I may use the Meta Health system to pinpoint the relationship between where your pain in the body/organ is and its emotional meaning. 

My system is unique in that I am able to use my inner eye to see imbalances in your body and then we release it energetically and through Bowen work. The vibrational healing works from the inside out and the essences work from the outside (taken orally or sprayed into aura) in and thus both complete the healing.

Generally it takes about 1- 4 sessions to clear any blocks and bring your system back to clarity and balance. This is because the Vibrational healing allows the release of blocks over a period of time and one can often feel the changes. You are most welcome to try one session to see how it feels.

Colours of your aura are seen in my inner vision and this is helpful in assessing your energy levels.

Each treatment starts off with some relaxing bowen moves and then I do colour and energy healing and it is different for each person as I tune in to see what is needed for that person on the day.

I find this treatment is becoming increasingly important as people are presenting with chronic illness of long standing and often the cause is at a deep emotional/spiritual level.

Even if you have nothing wrong, an Intuitive Bowen Heaing is a lovely energy balancer and very relaxing for body/mind/emotions.

In summary- who can benefit:

those who are of a sensitive nature, those who have an illness or pain that is not responding to other therapies and those who merely wish to experience a deeply relaxing and vibrational therapy.