Bowen Energetics


This is a deeper treatment than just the traditional  Bowen 45 minute session and it is different in that we examine deeper issues. I go into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels that may be affecting you.

I may use other tools as in aurasprays and flower remedy cards.

My main tool are Bowen type moves that help release excess emotions from the body.

I have developed a system where I can identify which of the 5 main emotions are out of balance in your body/mind. Then I can safely help your body to release some of that excess emotion and help bring you back to equilibrium. 

 I spend time before you arrive, tuning into you and intuiting information for discussion.

Then we spend some time chatting and examining the reasons for your symptoms, pain and condition. It is a well known fact that 'the issues are in the tissues'

When we do the BowenEnergetics session, I may add in some Energy flows to release and balance your energy. This enhances the work. 

I often tune into the tissue where the pain is and can sometimes pick up the corresponding emotion that is out of balance and connected to the symptom.

I find this treatment is becoming increasingly important as people are presenting with chronic illness of long standing and often the cause is at a deep emotional/spiritual level.

Even if you have nothing wrong, a Bowen Energetics session is a lovely energy balancer and very relaxing for body/mind/emotions.