Clients testimonials

These are just a few examples of my hundreds of treatments over the years and what they can achieve.

I had a back operation 25 years ago. It did not work and I was left in constant terrible pain that got worse over the years. At times I was suicidal and had tried every treatment, medical and alternative. After one bowen treatment, when Joanne released my hamstrings, the pain actually disappeared for the first time. I was stunned. I had a few more treatments and now have maintenance every 3 months. Most importantly I have a life again and can go fishing.                                                

Patrick - Bournemouth

I had a stent put in my heart. During the procedure, which goes through the groin area, something happened and since then I had terrible crippling pain in that groin which radiated to the buttock. I was on the strongest painkillers and at times had to go to A&E for analgesia. The pain was unbearable and I was at my wits end. Then I heard of Bowen and in desperation tried it. The first treatment made me feel wonderful and light in myself although the groin pain was still there. After the second treatment the pain subsided and after a few more sessions I am 90% better and back in the land of the living. Thank you Joanne and bowen.


My life became unbearable when I got the menopause. I was plagued with irregualar periods, mood swings, terrible headaches and my allergies and stomach problems worsened. After a few bowen sessions, all the symptoms lifted, I felt well and good in myself and have more energy. I am amazed that such a 'simple' therapy can have such a profound effect.

Annie- Reading

I came to Joanne for help with my long term shoulder problem. Not only did it sort that out completely but I felt so well in myself. I was intrigued and trained as a Bowen therapist. Now I have monthly treatments to keep myself in shape and it sorts out all my injuries and pains from my cycling and intense exercise regime. I wish more people knew about this highly effective technique.


April 2013

I had my first Bowen treatment today. I did not know what to expect but all I can say is that it felt as if a suit of armour had been lifted off my body. I walked out light, happy and my body and especially my neck felt free and flexible for the first time in many years. I am so grateful and amazed. Thank you.

Kate- Bournemouth

January 2015

'I have never felt so well in myself and happy and pain free since 1989'

Tony, taxi driver, Bournemouth- after a few Bowen sessions.



I came to see Joanne in a terrible state as I had had a lot of trauma. She recommended the flower remedies to help me through this difficult time. It was fascinating to see her work. She used a pendulum to choose the remedies and then proceeded to tell me what each bottle meant in relation to my health and stress levels. She also gave me extra information that came through her at the time and it was very accurate and she also gave very  helpful advice. After a few days of taking the remedy drops I felt a definite shift in my energy and stress levels and after a few weeks I was back in control again after feeling so low and depressed. I can highly recommend the remedies and the way Joanne works with them. They are a life saver and I will carry on taking them for other problems as well.   Jean, Bournemouth

I came to see Joanne for Bowen for a sudden painful hip and  back problem. As a young and active personal trainer it was imperative to get back to work. After one treatment there was considerable relief and I could sleep properly. After a few treatments I was back to normal, all pain gone and I was able to train again. What a relief as I had tried so many other therapies including physio to no avail.

Mark, Poole

I suffered for years with depression and anxiety but nothing helped. I came to see Joanne for a painful back and shoulder problem. I never expected my depression to start lifting and over the weeks I felt a different person. It was quite remarkable. Joanne explained how the mind affects the body and the two are linked. I go back for monthly maintenance treatments and it keeps me going in all ways. I love it and its so relaxing too

Suzette, Bournemouth


 Joanne did a reading for me. Besides it being so helpful, I felt that there was a lot of healing in the room as when I left I felt so peaceful and happy. The reading really helped me come to terms with a lot of issues in my life and guided me in a positive way. It answered questions that confirmed what I intuitively felt but was not sure. I will certainly have another one when I need more guidance on decisions and life in general. Thanks Joanne-   Margerie, Bournemouth

I had come to a crossroads in my life and the reading Joanne gave me was life changing as it helped with seeing the bigger picture as well as my 'problem'. I felt that I was given a way out of my difficulties and when I left, life seemed much clearer and I knew what to do. -- Daniella, Bournemouth

The reading on the phone with Joanne was truly helpful as I was in a quandary about a family issue. The advice from the cards made such sense and got me to see in a different way and showed me different pathways open to me. It picked up the past so well and what I have been through.I still have to decide what to do but I am clearer in my thoughts and more hopeful now. I feel optimistic and light.  Michel- South Africa

My telephone reading was amazing. Joanne picked up exactly how I was feeling and the cards answered my questions so accurately. I liked the fact Joanne was able to tell me what was blocking me and what to do to release that. It felt right and she answered many questions and put my inner fears to rest. I feel calmer and will have another one in a few months. Thanks Joanne,you are great-- Ellen, South Africa