Healing via Skype

Skype or phone services

I am able to tune into your energy anywhere in the world. All I need is you name and DOB

I find that doing it via skype seems to access my psychic sense in a powerful way. I am able to access information about your, your body, health and life.

I am able to pinpoint the energetic imbalance in your physical and energy body. I then sense and see with my inner vision where it is and what can be done. I am able to work on releasing the blockages through doing my Bowen work distantly and using my psychic sense of colour to heal and release and access information for you. We then spend time on rebalancing you and discussing what you can do to empower and strengthen your health on all levels.

All you do is lie down or sit in a comfortable chair and I do the work via skype. I am able to see you and I find the connection works well. Energy travels through time and space instantly and I have found this method to be astonishingly effective.

Everyone is different and I may use various tools depending on what comes up. I may use aura sprays (it connects via skype) flower cards for health-emotional issues or sound.

If I get intuitive information, I write it down and either tell you after the session or email my notes.

More than one session may be needed to release blocks and re-align the body.