Price List

The Bowen Technique  --  £45-- £55

The Bowen Technique with remedy bottle or aura spray - an extra £8

Aura Sprays available to purchase at £11.00 per bottle

Auragraphs-- £65

Bowen healing via skype- £45 - This is a very powerful treatment where I am able to tune in psychically and pick up information on other levels that relate to your body, health and life.

Bowen Energetics Healing -- £45

Flower remedy consultation-in person or skype - 30 mins (£30) or an hour (£50). Remedy bottle separate

Follow up consultation - 30 minutes 

READINGS: In person, phone, skype   £50

Using tarot, my intuition and healing and useful for questions on all aspects of life as in relationships, work, career, love, spiritual and releasing blocks