Price List

The Bowen Technique  1 hour--  £45-- £55 (concessions for genuine reasons)

Aura Sprays available to purchase at £11.00 per bottle -in person only. 

Auragraphs-- £90 (takes me up to two hours to complete)

Bowen healing via skype- £45 - This is a very powerful treatment where I am able to tune in psychically and pick up information on other levels that relate to your body, health and life.

oldpain2go - £45

SOUL READINGS: In person, phone, skype   £65

Using tarot, my intuition and healing and useful for questions on all aspects of life as in relationships, work, career, love, spiritual and releasing blocks.This is not a predictive type of reading although we do explore future options and choices. This is interactive and allows the energy of the cards to help you in life decisions and overcoming blocks and issues to reach the future happiness and potential that we all have inside.