READING -  in person / phone /skype

I have been working with Tarot and oracles for over 20 years now.

I use my psychic intuition and my guides to tune into you and your energy field.

And I do some numerology to add an extra dimension.

I do a general spread to start as that gives me a birds eye view of what is happening in every area of your life and where the challenges/blocks are. I then do question type readings as I find them practical and what people desire. I have to state that I work intuitively and I offer guidance and do not do merely predictions. We all have free will and the cards show possible futures and it is up to you to choose what path you wish to take. I prefer the person in front of me to interact and not just expect me to give predictions. I can do that but for me it is about taking responsibility for what you want in life and taking action. The cards are brilliant for showing that guidance and showing options.

Your questions can be on any topic as in love, relationships, work and career, help with a decision or which path is right for you, health, home, family, travel, spirtual unfoldment and development etc

As I can find what your block is, that is a huge help in understanding the dynamics of what is going on in your life. And I can find what will help you move forward.

Another wonderful option to add in to the reading is to use my Aura sprays to release blocks and balance your aura and energy field and add a lift to your being. They can be used in many ways and depending on what is needed on the day for you.

I am able to transmit the energy of the Aura spray to you via skype as well.